Statement from Pastor Bill Vasilakis, Senior Minister, Christian Family Centre Churches; Australian National Chairman, CRC Churches International.

Re: Letter to all CRC Pastors and Congregations in Australia after ABS Postal Survey Result

17 November, 2017

On November 15, 2017 the result of the Australian government initiated postal survey (conducted by The Australia Bureau of Statistics, or ABS) was announced. Our government sought to gauge the Australian people's response to changing the Marriage Act. After the result showed a sizeable majority for the 'yes' vote our government is now moving towards legislating same sex marriage. Prior to this result I prepared a pastoral letter to all of our CRC church congregations, outlining our official CRC Churches International position on this most important matter. Below is my latest letter to our CRC pastors and church congregations in response to the ABS postal plebiscite result being announced. I have also provided some accompanying articles to assist our ordained pastors and congregations across Australia with understanding and upholding our biblical conviction while simultaneously responding to those who may hold different views, with respect, wisdom and kindness.

  1. Letter to all CRC Pastors and CRC Churches Int. Congregations in Australia re ABS Postal Survey Result
  2. A Pastoral Letter to all CRC Churches Int. Congregations in Australia
  3. A Pastoral Response to Homosexuality - by Pastor Bill Vasilakis
  4. Nashville Statement - A Coalition for Biblical Sexuality