CFC Kids

Children & Young People
We believe children and young people are incredibly valuable and that they have a unique part to play in the life of our church family. Because of this, we intentionally provide caring, fun and safe environments for kids & youth to belong & build lasting friendships, explore & experience God's love & thrive in their unique gifts & purpose. All our CFC Kids & CFC Youth Team Members undergo screening & ongoing training as required by our CFC C.A.R.E Policy. As a member church of CRC Churches International (the denominational family we are part of) we adhere to CRC Duty of Care & Child Protection Guidelines which inform and guide our practice[]().

What is CFC Kids all about?
CFC Kids exists to strengthen families by inviting kids everywhere to follow Jesus. We provide caring & safe environments for children that are both interactive & fun. All programs contain Christian content.

Each program caters for the specific stages of children’s development and runs alongside our 10:30am service. Program elements include music, activity stations, games, creative Bible teaching and small group participation, and for our toddlers & preschoolers, shared fruit time. Once a term we provide opportunities for children to be involved with up-front items/presentations as part of our church wide Family Service. Come along for a visit any Sunday…we love welcoming first time families!

Sonbeams (Toddlers -18m up to 3 years)
Children aged 18 months to 3 years can be registered upstairs in the main CFC building (via the Main Entrance Foyer) from 10:15am on Sundays. Sonbeams is structured to keep active toddlers engaged and having fun. Through creative play, fun activities, music and storytelling children begin to discover that God made them, God loves them & that Jesus wants to be their Forever Friend. Our friendly volunteers help children (and parents/carers) settle & feel at ease, involving them with age-appropriate activities as they play alongside other children. Parents/carers are asked to provide a small, labelled container of cut-up fruit for their child to participate in Fruit Time. For more info please contact our Preschool Coordinator, Jo Van Rooyen via our CFC office - (08) 8356 6999.

Sonrays (Preschoolers - 3 & 4 years)
Using multi-media, music & interactive activities, a love of discovery is creatively nurtured in 3 & 4 year old children. Having the opportunity to enjoy both big group & mat time / small group develops children’s social skills & sense of belonging. Our Sonrays program also allows space for children to unpack their questions about life and God. With lots of time for free play & ‘making stuff’ children begin to discover how knowing Jesus makes a difference in their daily life. Parents/carers are asked to provide a small, labelled container of cut-up fruit for their child to participate in Fruit Time. For more info please contact our Preschool Coordinator, Jo Van Rooyen via our CFC office - (08) 8356 6999.

Sonshiners (5 - 10 years)
Children aged 5 - 10 years are learning who they are, what they are good at and what they are afraid of. They start to settle on what they believe to be right and wrong. CFC aims to partner with parents/carers to help shape the values and character of children in these vital primary school years. As they are learning facts, hearing stories and having experiences in life, every Sunday our CFC Kids Team Members support families by helping kids make sense of their world and form values for life. Through fun, games, interactive teaching, loving care, friendship with other kids, opportunities to serve, worship & prayer - our team creatively shows kids how to follow Jesus. For more info please contact our Primary School Coordinator, Michael Tompich -

Both Sonrays (3 - 4 years) & Sonshiners (5 - 10 years) can be registered in ‘The Shed’ multi-purpose centre (to the right of the Main Building).

If your child is in Rec-Yr 5 at school they are invited to come and check out CFC Kids BREAKOUT: a caring, safe & encouraging program for primary school age children, on Friday afternoons during school term, Week 3 - Week 8 from 4.30-6pm. Hosted by a team from Christian Family Centre, Seaton (CFC) we want to see kids in Western Suburbs of Adelaide having heaps of FUN, being great FRIENDS with other kids and kids thinking about their FOREVER (big questions about God, heaven, forever etc). $5 entry fee per child includes after-school snack. Parents/Carers please note our coffee shop is open and an indoor preschool playground available for use if you are wanting to supervise your under 5's while your primary school age children are enjoying CFC Kids BREAKOUT. For more info re CFC Kids BREAKOUT please contact our Team Administrator, Ashleigh Sandford -

Who runs our CFC Kids program?
Our CFC Kids & CFC Kids BREAKOUT Team Members are screened and trained to provide a safe & caring learning environment for each child.

How does CFC Kids partner with families?
We desire to support and resource parents/carers who have have such an vital & influential role in their children’s lives. As we believe parents/carers are doing something of incredible worth in raising their children, we want to partner with them, & provide helpful tools for building a child’s faith and character, at home. We also seek to support families in need who are experiencing divorce, grief or crisis.