Community Engagement

Christmas in the Square

Every year, CFC Seaton hosts a Christmas Carols event in the Henley Beach Square. This event sees crowds of up to 7,000 people and is an amazing opportunity to bless our community and spread the Gospel to those who would otherwise have no opportunity.

The event includes activities for the kids, carols by our talented Music Team, hosting by our Pastors and Volunteers as well as a short message from our Senior Minister Bill Vasilakis.

For more information visit the Facebook page.

Hampers of Hope

Each year at Christmas time we have the opportunity to partner with our local council and Foodbank Australia to provide hampers filled with food, essentials and toys for disadvantaged families in our community.


Alice Springs

We have supported the local church in Alice Springs for many years and are so encouraged by the work they do for the people in their community. Led by Allen and Jill Steel, they continue to provide essential care and services to those in need in Central Australia.

You can find our more about the church and what they do here:

Building Development

The church has been using the facilities on the property they purchased recently for their services and outreach. The existing building is not large enough for them to meet in and so they have a been doing church in a large tent outside, persevering the heat and cold. We are currently building a proper facility that can help look after the community and be a home for the ministry to Central Australia.


As part of the CRC Churches International Movement, we support the Missions work they do for the world. Once a month we take up an offering which is focused on a particular area of need from Feeding Projects in the Philippines, to a Building Project in Sri Lanka. We believe that it’s our job to spread the word of God to every nation and care for those in need wherever they may be.

For more information on the work we do as a movement, visit the CRC International website.


Thank you for your generosity in supporting our ministry here a CFC Seaton. If you would like to make a financial contribution towards our Outreach then please complete the form below. For details on where our funds go, please see the other items in our Outreach section. If you have any questions about our finances or audited reports then please contact our General Manager Milan Tompich at [email protected]