We believe God sees our tithing and giving not just in material terms, but as an expression of our love and commitment to Him. Tithing is a clear and unmistakable teaching found throughout the Bible and should be embraced by all of God’s people irrespective of their income level or material prosperity. All funds given to our local church will go directly to our mission locally, nationally and internationally as we aim to spread the message of love that Jesus taught. For more information please read the booklet below produced by Pastor Bill Vasilakis or get in touch with us

Church Stewardship Campaign

As well as giving locally and internationally to the needs of our churches, we run projects to look after our own facilities here so we can continue to bless our community. These projects pick an area of need and plan it out over a number of years with one-off or regular commitments from our church members.

Bill Vasilakis has prepared a summary on what Christian Stewardship means for those at the CFC.

“Hear The Sound, See The Vision”

At the start of our current project, most of our technology in our main auditorium was in disrepair and vastly outdated, with some being nearly 30 years old! As we provide a space for many of the local schools and cultural groups to host events, we identified it was time to upgrade our facilities.

This project focuses on three main areas, Audio, Lighting and Video. For a summary on the project please see the brochure provided below.