Being part of a Life Group provides you with an opportunity to get to know some great people and experience belonging in God’s family. In a world where we are more digitally connected than ever before, sadly loneliness is a far too common experience for many. Life Groups help us grow in authentic, meaningful relationship with Jesus, and with others. We enjoy hanging out together in a relaxed environment over food, snacks or coffee and meet weekly or fortnightly during the school term. We take time to open the Bible together and reflect on / discuss what it means to follow Jesus in our every day lives. We encourage and pray for one another and we also pray for our loved ones, our world and the people around us, knowing our Heavenly Father hears and responds. Life Groups are where we are reminded that God is for us and with us, knowing we have a group of friends who really care and who will keep showing up to do life with us, no matter what. Why not give one a go?