bill's letters


To: Christian Family Centre Churches Ltd

An important message from Pastor Bill Vasilakis.

Dear members and friends.

It is with great sadness I need to inform you, that our CFC Board of Elders/Directors could not renew the employment contract of Ben Matson as the Lead Pastor of our Alice Springs Church for 2022.

This has broken our hearts as we love Ben, Reb and their family dearly, and have highly honoured them and we will continue to deeply appreciate their faithful service in Central Australia.

The reason for this unfortunate turn of events, centres squarely on the NT governments vaccination requirements to protect medically vulnerable people.

The Christian Family Centre, like all CRC Churches (the denomination we belong to), is a law abiding organisation. Therefore our Board of Directors/Elders has to ensure our Churches are compliant to the Covid roadmaps/restrictions of each State & Territory jurisdiction.

The Northern Territory government and it’s public health officials are particularly concerned with its precious aboriginal communities. This is why their restrictions are tougher than other jurisdictions.

The following two letters tabled to our Alice Springs Church on October 31 and December 16, explains in some detail our process. When you read them, you will see how it has led to Ben & Reb not being able (from our Boards perspective) to continue in ministry in our Alice Springs Church.

Please feel free to make contact with me or any of our Board of Elders/Directors who have agonised about this possibility over the past three months.

Yours sincerely

Pastor Bill Vasilakis
Senior Minister & Board Chairman CFC Churches.