Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

Bill Vasilakis – Senior Minister, CFC Churches / Lead Pastor, CFC Seaton
Cass Tompich – Life Group Development
Sam Chesser – Next Generations
Milan Tompich – General Manager
Nathan Bettcher – Exec Assistant to Senior Minister
Michella Hunter - Exec Assistant to Senior Leadership Team
Tim Lochens - CFC South Lead Pastor & Seaton SLT Support

Congregational Pastors

Mick Hutchfield - Friday 11am Congregation
Nathan Bettcher - Sunday 8:30am Congregation
Cass Tompich - Sunday 10:30am Congregation
Sam Chesser - Sunday 5:30pm Congregation

Operations & Admin Team

Tanya Chesser - Weekend Service Producer
Janet Brice - Prayer Ministry & Critical Care Pastor
Stacey Donaldson - Support Systems Director
Milan Tompich – Facilities and Hires
Cathy Vasilakis - CFC Catering Team
Emma Lundberg - CFC Chartered Accountant
Janet Norman – Accounts Team Member
Lorrie Hardwick - Accounts Team Member

Creative Ministries Team

Alyssa & Nate Rigney - Creative Ministries Directors
Laura Enthoven - 10:30 Service Coordinator
Rachel Lane - 5:30pm Service Coordinator
Ryan Scholar - Production Coordinator
Declan O’Callaghan - Assistant Production Coordinator & CM Team Admin

CFC Kids Coordinators

Sam Chesser - Primary School Program Coordinator
Joanna DeSousa - Primary School Program Administrator
Jo Van Rooyen - Pre-School Program Coordinator
Kelly Nesbitt - Toddler Program Coordinator
Pr Allen & Pr Jill Steel - Breakout Program Coordinators
Elvis Mugabe - Breakout Program Assistant

Youth Coordinators (CFCYTH)

Nick Sandford - Fri Night Program Coordinator / Sunday 10:30 Youth Cohort Coordinator
Rachel Lane - Fri Night Program Coordinator

Young Adults Coordinators (YA)

Erin Taylor - Young Adults Coordinator
Ryan Scholar - Young Adults Coordinator

Leadership Development Group (LDG)

Allen Steel - Chaplain for LDG & Assistant Congregational Pastor, Friday 11am

Bible Formation Group (BFG)

David Bland - Chaplain for BFG & CFC Pastor
Adrian Cotterell - Teacher/Facilitator
Lachy Donaldson - Teacher/Facilitator

CFC Pastors

Bill Vasilakis
Phil Brice
Janet Brice
Bruce Hambour
Lachy Donaldson
Sam Chesser
Cass Tompich
Chris Kipirtoglou
Ian Hunter
Allen Steel
Jill Steel
Nathan Bettcher
Mick Hutchfield

Preschool Families

Louise Wabnitz - Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS) Coodinator
Sonja Bartholomaeus - Sing Move Grow Coordinator
Jo Van Rooyen - Sunday Preschool Program Coordinator
Kellie Nesbitt - Sunday Toddler Program Coordinator


Kim and Cha – Caretakers, Facility Management and CFC Cafe
Max Lockett – Project Development
John Saegenschnitter - WHS Coordinator
Raelene Saegenschnitter - Hires & Admin Support
Lesley Turner - Resources
Ros Hurley - Supply Orders, Data Entry, First Aid Admin

Community Outreach

Louise Wabnitz - MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
Sing, Move, Grow - Sonja Bartholomaeus
Residential Care Visits - Merron Spence
Prime Time (over 70's) - Margo Quarmby
Helene Moore - Connecting Women
Cheryl Donaldson - CFC Basketball
Phil Brice - Christmas in the Square (CITS)

CRC Churches International

Nathan Bettcher - Australian CRC National Exec Assistant
David Bland - CRC S.A Training & Admin Support